Wanted: Man who hasn't quite figured out this whole risk/reward thing

Coinstar guy

Some guys, they take the risk of breaking into a house in Newton, they're going to go for the really valuable stuff. But not this guy. No, Newton Police say he broke into a house and stole "a large amount of change." And then he went to a nearby supermarket to trade it in at the Coinstar machine for, well, one of those debit-like cards, we assume. And, of course, he got captured on one of the store's surveillance cameras.



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    How do the police make the

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    How do the police make the connection between the break-in and the guy with the change at the Coinstar? Couldn't that have just been a coincidence?

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    How about the guy who went shoplifting at the $ store?

    How about the guy who went shoplifting at the dollar store and left his kids in the hot car? Somebody called police about the kids in the car. I suppose he is a better father for not doing the gypsy thing of using the kids to distract store workers while concealing items to steal.

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    Watched a young couple

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    pull a classic flim flam on a clerk at a dollar tree store a while back. Bear in mind everything is a dollar in dollar tree store. They brought maybe 5 dollars worth of stuff [laundry detergent, soda, baby wipes, etc.]. The young guy chatted up the clerk like they were old friends, confusing her. He paid with a ten dollar bill, then swore he gave her a 20. She ended up giving him 14 dollars and change back. Was it all really worth it? Some people do it because they can. It's an addiction.

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    That's one of the oldest

    That's one of the oldest short cons in the book. Probably less common now with the inflation and whatnot, but do it ten times and you've made a hundred bucks.

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    That's why experienced clerks

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    That's why experienced clerks say, "out of ten" or whatever.

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    Experienced clerks also

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    Experienced clerks also keep the bill(s) handed to them by the customer OUTSIDE the cash drawer of the register until the change is made and handed to the customer. That way there is no question as to what the denomination of the bill was.

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    Small change can be a big reward

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    My house in Newton was robbed in October of 2011. They stole large jars of coins (mostly quarters) totaling anywhere from $500 to $800. So sometimes stealing "small change" can give you a big reward.... still not worth the risk or the back breaking pain of carrying them!

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    Name for that affliction

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    Carrying huge heavy jars of coins = quarterback

    Just out of curiosity, why did you have so many quarters?

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