Watertown High School locked down, apparently after teacher finds a bullet

Dan Hausle tweets officials began a "controlled dismissal" of students around 11:45 a.m.

Brianne Dupuis adds:

Watertown High on lockdown since 8:15, no notice to parents, only found out from my cousin who is there!



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      Bullets are useless. You can't even load them in a gun unless you're loading a muzzle-loader (musket, old rifle).

      Or did they find a cartridge? Then, did they find a full cartridge or just the spent shell?

      what about a revolver?

      The only revolver I really know about is that Beatles album

      I've target-shot with a revolver before, but I was 12 and my daddy loaded it for me. I thought he put the bullets in one by one, but I don't recall.

      Nope...still cartridges

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      Cartridges have a primer cap at the back end that the hammer of the gun hits to ignite the propellant (usually gunpowder) that is kept inside the shell or case which is capped at the other end by the bullet, the shard of metal that goes flying when you fire. Unless you're pouring the black powder into the gun yourself, you're loading a cartridge, not a bullet.

      We haven't even touched on magazines versus clips. Just know that if someone says "clip" these days they are almost always wrong. Think of that this way: clips just hold a few cartridges together, like a paper clip loosely holds a few papers together. Magazines hold cartridges together inside an outer box, like a magazine full of pages inside an outer cover. If you have cartridges inside of a metal box that lets them slide out one at a time into a single chamber, that's a magazine. If you are speed loading a revolver with something that holds 6 cartridges in the right orientation to quickly load the revolving chambers all at once, that's a clip.

      I think you two are talking about two different things.

      Kaz would be right, but even most firearms experts would call a "bullet" a "bullet" if found in a case like this.

      Most would use the word "round", not bullet.

      But yes, there are some firearms that will not fire unless the magazine is inserted into the firearm. You would not be able to fire a round/bullet into these guns without a magazine in place.

      In the meantime

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      Someone on Reddit was notified by the school that it was a live round. So, the whole cartridge.

      A Bullet Shutting Down a School

      I can't help but notice the comparison of the bullet versus the bomb threat Harvard recently received. Both caused major disruption, but I suspect the bullet will be much harder to trace unless there's a camera right on the spot found. Meanwhile that (former?) Harvard student didn't realize they can notice him download the program that mask his IP. Of course, the bullet could have easily been entirely ignored too.

      Where's there's a bullet,

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      Where's there's a bullet, there's the possibility of a gun somewhere close by. Not a hard inference to make in these times. Obviously, the authorities are looking for the gun.

      Pants Shitting Hysteria

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      Over a a single round of ammo. Only in MA.

      I guess they would nuke the site from orbit if they found a swiss army knife.