We need a TV blizzard drinking game

Until the roof caves in from the weight of all the snow and the power goes out, of course we're going to be watching the non-stop blizzard coverage on local channels tomorrow. To keep from getting bored, let's come up with rules for the drinking game. Here's a start at some rules; what are yours?

Whenever somebody mentions the Blizzard of '78, take a drink. When Harv mentions it, take two - he's the only one who got it right, remember?

A reporter makes a snowball. Take a drink. Follow with a quick shot if he/she throws it at the cameraperson.

A reporter sticks a ruler in the snow. Take a drink.

A reporter sticks a yardstick in the snow. Take two drinks.

A reporter reports from a hill in Worcester. Take a drink.

A reporter reports from one of the 128 service areas. Drink.

Ed Harding puts on his glasses. Cheers!

A reporter does a live outdoor standup while not dressed in his or her station's parka. L'chaim.

A reporter does something he's just warned you not to do - like walk along Nantasket Beach at high tide. Take three drinks.

Deval Patrick issues a statement from the Bunker while dressed in a MEMA vest. Drink. Somebody compares his vest to Mike Dukakis's sweater. Two drinks.

Pete Bouchard says something that could be construed as a reference to his private parts. Drink!

Somebody mentions The Benchmark. Drink!

Somebody uses the word "bombogenesis." Skoal!



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They show some idiot in Nahant or Hull snorkeling in a wet suit. Take a drink.

They show a hardware store with enough shovels and/or rock salt to last for the next 1000 years (why do people need new shovels every year, anyway?). Take a small sip.

They show a reporter wearing goggles, struggling to stay upright, and screaming "OMG, it's miserable out here!!" when it's actually not that bad; you can tell this by people walking behind the reporter and not looking all that miserable or blown-over. Take a drink.

Every time there is a traffic

Every time there is a traffic cam view of 93 south, do an Irish Car Bomb.

Every time someone mentions the possibility of Morrissey Blvd flooding take a shot.

As soon as Morrissey Blvd floods chug a beer.

If a boat washes up on a beach and they send a reporter to report from it take a drink.

When they go live to report on the almost empty streets in Copley Sq. take a drink.

You'd be wasted

before a flake even hit the ground.

And also, no storm is complete without interviewing the idiot surfers and/or people who feel compelled to watch the churning seas from the edge of a jetty. One shot.

People Shoveling

Every time they interview someone trying to shovel their sidewalk or driveway, and the resident disappoints the reporter by saying something like "well, this IS New England, this is what we do when it snows." Which is really the resident politely telling the reporter to go F himself and stop being such a drama queen.

Ooooooo! What about gas

Ooooooo! What about gas station interviews with plow drivers. One of my favorite storm interviews. "Been out here for 18 hours. I like it, I'm making money." Do reporters think plow drivers would be pissed about plowing or something? Do we ask every Channel 4, 5, 7, 25 reporter if they like going to work?


Gosh I miss Shelby Scott.... (and the governor's vest will be compared to Gov. Chrisy's vest, not the Duke's sweaters.)

Plum Island

Any mention of or report from Plum Island. No one EVER hears about this mysterious place unless there is a storm or the threat of a storm, and suddenly they become the hub of the universe. What goes on there the rest of the time?