Wellesley father to pay daughter $200 to give up Facebook for the rest of the school year

The Swellesley Report alerts us to the five-month agreement - under which she also has to give him her password so he can change it. On his blog, dad says it was all her idea.

Philip Borenstein is aghast:

That guy's getting quite a deal. I'd be embarrassed if my son did it for less than $400. And I live in Natick.




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Pops really has control of his daughter--per the contract she's going to spend the money on "stuff"

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How many teens do you have at home?

Just wondering, seeing as you believe in this fictitious "control" business.

You can have kids that resist you in power struggles and engage in bad judgement just for spite behind your back, or you can have kids that are developing good SELF control - kids who know how to think their way through situations and only need a selective power play here and there to keep them on track.

If you think it is all about command-and-control and domination and showing somebody who is boss and use of force until some magic time when "poof" they become "magically" able to make good decisions,dream on. Unless, of course, you like drama for drama's sake and don't care whether or not they are developing adult reasoning skills, that is.

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Smart girl

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She gets to ditch the social gymnastics of Facebook, blame it on her father, collect $200 and still do all her gossiping & scheming on, say, Twitter and Tumblr.

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Her Dad (like a lot of older people) bit on the Facebook thing, when teenagers are a few generations past that already. Snapchat usage will just fill any holes left by FB.

Still, props to her Dad. That's relatively cheap.

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