West Roxbury sign wall filling up fast

Campaign signs at Holy Name in West Roxbury

Wise campaigners know not to dally when it comes to the wall in front of Holy Name School at the intersection of Centre Street and West Roxbury Parkway - Election Day would be too late to get a good position.



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Plywood and paint

Arroyo flyers..

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Ive noticed many cars in East Boston with Arroyo flyers on car windshields also saw alot of these flyers scattered all over street and sidewalks littering the neighborhood....

During the last election

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During the last election cycle, there were Arroyo flyers blowing all over my Readville neighborhood. It looked like somebody dumped them out the window while cruising down my street.

Dude, my ballot was defective!

I looked very carefully for the Sheriff section, couldn't find it. Then I looked for the name Doug Bennett, couldn't find it. What's up with that?

Whyyy, this heah, I say, this

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Whyyy, this heah, I say, this heah calls for an INvestigAshun, son! Betta call the sheri...awww, nevah mahnd!

....and he even used the

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....and he even used the shapener on the back of the box. Who had the stones to put flyers printed in house with NO UNION BUG on the chairs at the Labor Day Breakfast. Dude hasn't a clue about politics or being a Sheriff. Doe he know he doesn't get a cap gun, ten gallon hat and spurs??

In your idiotic mind they might have liked them

but let's not forget you;re too stupid to know when people are laughing at you and not with you. And I see once again you are continuing your harassment of poor Dan Farnkoff by trying to identify him as me not once, but three times in the comments section of Howie Carr's column today. Keep it up, one can only hope our webmaster here decides to bounce your ass from here, the way the Yack board did when you were still in Nantucket working your way into total obscurity.


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What anonymous mailing?

Why I'll never vote for Connolly

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He sent out something dissing Steve Murphy. The flier had it's points, which makes me laugh because I see Connolly going down the same path. The crappy thing wasn't that he did it- it's politics. It's that he was too much a coward to put his name on it.

He could be a good politician, but crap like that makes me think it will be a messy October in Boston.

Are candidates paying people

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Are candidates paying people to post these outside of their homes? My neighbor has some massive signs up for Walzack and Ritchie and one has got to be at least 4 feet tall.


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You must be new to Boston.....

No, they just

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Expect jobs or favors if their candidate is elected! (Kidding)

Most are put up outside supporters' houses

I didn't get paid to put my sign up for John Connolly. I called his campaign and a friendly young man came and crawled out our window and attached the sign to our building. Fortunately, the fire escape didn't collapse.


Your fire escape is four-feet

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Your fire escape is four-feet tall? Sounds kinda dangerous. I mean, what if there's a fire above basement level...


When I was a poor student, I did a one-day gig there exit polling for Channel 7 during one of the mayoral elections in the late '70s, when White was in the race. 1979, maybe? I put on my only jacket and my only nice pair of shoes and my Channel 7 badge and looked respectable.

I stood in the lobby outside the voting area. Every pol in the race and every city councilor and everyone on the School Committee came by that precinct to press the flesh. When they saw my Channel 7 tag, every one made a beeline for me to shake my hand and introduce themselves, thinking I was a reporter.

Kevin White's uncle came to vote and on the way out yelled at me for being a member of the damn Boston thug media or some such.

Most voters were cooperative and were willing to tell me who they had voted for, but a significant number told me indignantly that they were not allowed to tell me, as it was a secret ballot.