No junk on Channel 7

Compare this screen grab from WHDH's report on the annual L Street plunge with this photo of the same swimmer.



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sex, violence & videotape

Also interesting that scantily clad women seem to be ok in most news shots of these events, but equally scanty clad men (who happen to be fat and look a bit, shall we say, dumpy) get blurred.

I'm glad they did it (c'mon guy at least wear boxers), but still, there's some weird criteria being used that feels like it can only end with beautiful toned people being murdered heinously for our entertainment. But please, don't show me the fatties!!

Have you seen the way some of

Have you seen the way some of these women "news presenters" dress? I never watch local news but a was flipping the other night and couldn't believe what the "anchor woman" was wearing, it was certainly more suitable for a nightclub. It must be a new requirement for female news presenters to have large chests and dress inappropriately. And they blurred out this guy?

Actually, Boston local news

Actually, Boston local news (ch. 4, 5 & 7) has by far the most professionally dressed, well-spoken and informed anchorwomen. Have you seen how TV presenters dress and behave in Los Angeles? It's quite shocking. Makes me appreciate that we at least have some standards here.

The female "anchors" on the

The female "anchors" on the Boston local news look like badly dressed prostitutes. The poor dears look like fools in these costumes that look like they're designed to accentuate their boobs.

Perspective is not your friend

We watched that entire broadcast from the locker room, as Woodward toweled himself off in all of his glory, as seen (over the reporter's shoulder?) in background. My then-boyfriend (now husband) and I laughed ourselves silly, while one of my colleagues (who teaches sports journalism) said, "Hey, that's the pitcher's area. We should be able to figure out who that was..."

It made a *great* case study for our broadcast journalism classes...

Ouch - that link hurt

This snippet brought back some pain:

BEST LIVE TELECAST—Game 4 of the World Series ( NBC), in which the Mets got even with the Red Sox. Finest moments: director Harry Coyle's shots of Dwight Evans dropping Lenny Dykstra's homer over the bullpen gate in rightfield; a fan retrieving a homer from under a van on Lansdowne Street; Gary Carter at bat, his eyes as big as saucers as he waited for a fat pitch. TV doesn't get any better than this.

Way ahead of the curve on this one

My friends and I used to jump off the drawbridge on Morrisey Blvd every summer.

We hooked school one unseasonably warm day in the middle of March.

We were drinking beer and getting hot so we decided to go for a swim.

No suits of course so we both got down to our tightie whites and climbed up to the bridge. As we were standing on the sidewalk and getting up on the railing all the cars driving by were honking and cheering us on.

Jumped in and shot out and almost ran across the water like cartoon characters. Insane complete sensory overload of coldness.

So, sauntering around Carson Beach? Not so impressed.