This is what happens when you leave your laptop unattended at South Station

Transit Police report they are looking for the guy captured on video swiping an unattended bag - with a laptop inside - from near the McDonald's in the South Station bus terminal around 5:20 p.m. on Dec. 2.



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See something …

Of course, the fact that no one said anything about this guy, nor about the victim who left his bag unattended in the first place, shows the folly of a decade of being repeatedly told to See Something, Say Something™ (and yes, the MTA in NY really has the trademark).


Good question, anon!

It's a drag to say this, but anybody who leaves his/her laptop computer or any other such valuable piece(s) of equipment lying around in a public place unattended is just begging to get it ripped off, imho!


If you assume that the bag is more likely to be a bomb rather than just unattended you may have some paranoia problems.



Thieves commonly carry a jacket to put over a bag being stolen or have a large bag to put stolen bags/items in. This looked more like a crime of opportunity, however....or a free bomb removal service.


Also, T knows where the guy got on and off

Can follow him on camera to whatever train/subway he was catching presumably. Then you follow to see where he got off - that narrows it down a lot. Also - is your T pass identifiable? You may get some info from that if you have turnstile data.

Guy's pretty stupid - he'll get caught - just maybe not for this offense.

It's SOUTH STATION! Who does

It's SOUTH STATION! Who does this?

ETA: I don't know the security camera layout at South Station, but does anyone find it suspicious that this crime happened like, dead-on in front of a camera?

I'm not sure, however, what was gained by doing this and who could have benefited.

The bus terminal

is where everyone from the cuddly, friendly parts of Northern New England connect to buses and trains to the rest of the East Coast. I've seen a good bit of street-unsmart behavior in the South Station Bus Terminal because passers-through assume it's just as safe as the small terminal they came from in Maine or New Hampshire.


I am AMAZED that people think

I am AMAZED that people think they can just leave expensive items like this unattended. You don't not in a small town, genius. If you leave your laptop out for someone to take, don't be surprised if it's gone when you come back. Yes, I am totally victim-blaming because in this case they are just asking to get robbed.

Betcha $20...

...that guy was in Downtown Crossing minutes later trying to unload it. Hopefully whatever clueless schmuck who left their bag there gets it back somehow, but I wouldn't hold my breath.