What makes Sudbury more interesting to Globe reporters than Hyde Park and Roslindale?

MIT's Center for Civic Media has started analyzing Globe datelines and presents some preliminary results.

H/t Bostonography.



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Seriously Adam,

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you gotta ask?

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Interesting study but......

Certain places with high per capita ratios make intuitive sense. Foxborough, for example, is where the Gillette Stadium is located so most Patriots football news happens there.

If the articles aren't about "Foxboro", why should it be included just because the Patriots play there?

By using "place words" in the tf-idf format, are they getting hits on words like "Lincoln-Sudbury" high school? HS sports have a few minor articles every day, and I assume that if the Patriots are being included, HS sports "articles" are too?

term frequency and inverse document frequency are concepts way beyond my feeble mental capacity, but it would be interesting to see more details on this study.

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Shaq -

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Don't forget that Shaq lived in Sudbury while he was playing for the Celtics. That's got to count for a decent plurality (or more) of the results for Sudbury.

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I can't help but wonder that if the Globe seems to be running on unpaid or poorly paid interns these days, if that accounts for some of the focus on communities where such interns hail from?

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The Globe cares about the suburbs -- good business

It's essentially business policy at the Globe the concentrate on the suburbs, I have heard this from workers there myself. Can anyone argue with them that this is a wise business decision?

The City of Boston for all its grandiose self-image is full of people who can't buy a pot to piss in, such as students or people living in housing projects. Add in a collection of lower-middle class who work for the city or some other non-profit and they don't have money either. You would be nuts if you ran a newspaper that covered them except as a formality.

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Medford is a suburb

but, if that graphic is accurate, one that isn't getting very much attention from the Globe.

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Only in this area

Would one of the most densely populated localities in the US that is 5-6 miles from Boston City Hall be considered to be a suburb, however. (goes for Medford, Malden, and other cities closer to downtown and more densely packed than West Roxbury).

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Oh, noes, a geographic nit!

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There's a decent slice of densely populated New Jersey suburbs just 2-3 miles from New York City Hall.

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Sudbury is home to the fellow

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Sudbury is home to the fellow tried for plotting to smash model airplanes into the Pentagon. More interesting is the Globe totally ignored Mt. Washington Ma. Surely, something must have happened there.
Just my thoughts.... although I have never lived/worked in Paris or had an exhibit at the ICA. I have lived in Waltham and visited the ICA; and like most people have a deep interest in spatial justice.

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There are three gaping flaws with the study:

1) The Globe doesn't run datelines for articles inside Boston. So every article written from Sudbury carries a dateline; every article from Boston does not.

2) The Globe often quotes people in Boston -- but doesn't always specifically identify what neighborhood they live in. For instance, Mayor Tom Menino (who is quoted all the time in the Globe) lives in Hyde Park. But you rarely see that mentioned in Globe stories.

3) Often stories about Boston refer to multiple neighborhoods or the entire city. But the study doesn't give Hyde Park credit for every citywide story.

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Evidently, someone thinks

Evidently, someone thinks that newspapers should be run like pre-school soccer leagues - everyone gets a trophy!

I don't want the town in live in getting written up in the Globe all the time. A newspaper article is not a gold star on the forehead - it's coverage of news, as in crime, fires, corruption, etc. Thanks, but no thanks.

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