What now for Citizens Energy?

Hugo Chavez dead.

Michael Patrick Brady wonders:

Will the Citgo sign in Kenmore Square go dark for Hugo Chavez tonight?



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    My trust of "bluemassgroup"

    Because "Citizen's Enterprises Corp." a "holding company" and "marketing consulting services" company with Joe Kennedy founder & chairman -- his source of the rest of the $600K that he pulls down pimping for Hugo -- is totally separate from "Citizen's Energy Corp." with Joe Kennedy founder & chairman.

    It's just a big coincidence.

    My trust of "bluemassgroup" info is about the same as yours of Howie Carr.

    Link Broken

    This isn't going where you wanted it to.

    Bear in mind that there are two entities that Kennedy runs. On is non-profit, the other is FOR profit. The vast bulk of his compensation is from the for-profit one.

    They are NOT the same.

    you don't know how to read

    you don't know how to read the report you are linking to.

    page 20/Attachment 4 lists Citizens Enterprise Corporation as Taxable.

    page 19/Attachment 3 describes Citizens Enterprise Corporation as a for-profit corporation.

    page 21 shows that the majority of the base salary of both Kennedy's is for running the for-profit corporation. That said, I would put there being a strong case for the bonus being from the non-profit, meaning Joseph Kennedy's non-profit compensation was north of $400,000.

    discount heating oil for low-income new englanders

    Chavez (Venezuela) was willing to sell heating oil at a discount to low-income and fixed-income New Englanders who would otherwise not had the means to heat their homes.

    I'm sorry Chavez called Bush "the devil" at the UN but Bush did invade Iraq under false pretenses.

    Chavez built health clinics and schools all over Venezuela with oil revenue. Clearly, he's not everyone enemy.

    Chavez stole less from the poor than any leader in history

    I'd venture as a starting point in an argument.

    His base was the poor and he gave to them to maintain their support.

    No hero in my book but I've seen a lot worse. In fact, in Central and South America they've almost all been worse.

    Please inform yourself on how many straight-up sociopaths the US propped up to, yes, take from the poor of a poorer country to give to the rich of a richer country.

    Our history there is nothing less than scandalous.

    well reported...

    It has been well reported for years that Joe Kennedy made 700K plus, and his wife made 300K plus taking care of those poor people. A real sacrifice for him, since he grew up so poor.

    I have traveled all through Venezuala and just like the USA some people (usually the poor and working class) really liked him, but understood he was a megalomaniac. Others couldn't stand him. People felt the elections were reasonably legitimate vote counts, although Chavez did use his power to control media.

    Other than some petty border skirmishes with Colombia, he didn't invade any other countries, he used his money to buy influence (sound familiar?) in places like Bolivia and Nicaragua. It was clear that he was spending money on public infrastructure, which is more than most of the previous oil company backed conservatives had done for the people over the past decades. Twelve cent a gallon gas was a nice amenity.

    The truth, as usual is a bit more complicated than simple platitudes.

    The Joe for oil thing certainly allowed Chavez to mock the powerful USA as a country that needed the help of the generous people of Venezuala to keep their citizens from freezing to death. Way to go Joe! Non-profits, another great scam!

    Well reported?

    The totals are well reported. What is poorly reported is that there is a split between the chariable and the for profit entities.

    Kennedy makes that kind of money OVERALL, but NOT from the charity side of the house. That operation is financially separate from the operation that gives Kennedy his big overall salary and bonuses, etc.

    The statements are public and available through the state. Here are the numbers from 2010:


    His salary from Citizens Energy - the NON profit wing - is only $75K, with about $8K in benefits.

    The FOR PROFIT compensation is the high figure - but that is a FOR profit corporation. As in "capitalism".

    But your experience jibes with what my Venezuelan friends report: Chavez is not the monster he is painted to be in the US. He just isn't under our control. Here's a pretty even-handed description from the Nation: http://www.thenation.com/article/173212/legacy-hug...

    Not that I don't enjoy the

    Not that I don't enjoy the constant flow of red herrings, but: remind me again how much the CEO of BP made last year, in exchange for selling gas to poor people at full price, and stonewalling the investigation into his company poisoning the Gulf of Mexico? I don't see you free-market zealots beating a path to his door, nor does it have anything whatsoever to do with the story posted, but this looks like it's the place where we come to complain about people making money off the sale of hydrocarbons.

    Can anyone explain

    why the crime and violence in Venezuela,especially Caracas, is so bad? And after many years of Hugo using oil revenues to help the poor, there shouldn't be any poor left, or far fewer. I'm not being a sarcastic troll, I'm dead serious. After all this time and money, Venezuela is still a hot mess.

    And can't we all just agree Joe makes a nice piece of change operating a non-profit, in addition to his for-profit corp., which is fine? And yes, many non-profits are scandalously operated. I know for a fact there's a non-profit homeless shelter in Boston whose CEO makes over $300,000/year, plus benefits, including tuition for his kids.