What passes for humor on the Channel 25 morning news

A couple of UHub correspondents who actually watch Channel 25 in the morning report Gene Lavanchy was chatting with one-time state Rep. Maryanne Lewis about John Kerry becoming secretary of state. The topic of whom Deval Patrick should name as interim senator came up. Lewis cracked something like "There's a lot of talk about him possibly appointing a woman... So I think Barney Frank is a likely candidate." And they both had a good chuckle.



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Let it go

You can't complain that too many things are serious and humorless then jump all over someone for making an off the cuff joke. I don't like it, the sentiment behind it or what it implies, but I much rather live in a world where there are dumb jokes on the news on channels I can choose to watch va everyone being too politically correct and pomp all the time.

Also, not only is it mildly

Also, not only is it mildly meanspirited, it's neither clever nor accurate. This isn't a jab at some persona Frank has-- he's not Holly Woodlawn or Lady Bunny-- but purely a poke at him because he's gay.
Ha ha, he's gay.
Fortunately, Barney is a bigger man than Lavanchy or Lewis

Yeah, those gays really need to chill out

I mean, jeez, why are they so bent out of shape? After decades of being the subject of jokes, fear, violence, hatred...

SUCH a bunch of DRAMA queens, those gays!

Don't they know how hard it is being straight and trying not to offend someone these days? Woe is me. It's just as hard as black people restraining themselves from robbing convenience stores!

HAAHAHA, see, an off the cuff joke! Isn't it SO FUNNY?

NO. Not going to "let it go."

#1 What is the fascination

#1 What is the fascination with crusty one time state reps and Fox25?

#2 Hey, Maryanne, I heard you look like a fucking whale. I guess that's akin to calling Frank a woman. Maryanne likes to pick on his sexual orientation, so we get to pick on her weight, right? Fair is fair?

All I have to say about WFXT

All I have to say about WFXT is this

1. Its a Fox O&O Station. (Directly owned by Fox Television Stations, and not a affiliate)

2. WFXT got its start as a WXNE in 1977 as a Christian Station (it was bought by Murdoch in 1986 to become a Fox Affiliate)

3. This is the same station that until 1996, didn't have a news department of its own. Maria Stephanos has been there since day one.

Overall I don't have much faith in WFXT as a quality news station, it and WHDH run neck and neck in my book for the "most trashy". But its fun to watch though with a grain of salt.

Have you watched "Out Foxed"?

Have you watched "Out Foxed"? They go into how Murdoch went in and bought out all the local affiliates and gutted their actual news coverage, and canned people who didn't want to go with his movement toward conservative talking points and banter with weak liberals. That fat guy on Fox25 always interviews Warren Toleman. Are we serious here?


Correction: WFXT got it's start way before 1977 when it was located in Needham on First Avenue and owned by Rex Trailer.

Pro tip

Calling out a typo in a post that managed to demolish your point in fewer than 30 words while not becoming shrill or defensive will subject you to a higher level of scrutiny than normal situations might. Thus, you should avoid making two separate grammatical errors in the three words you use for your counterargument's title.

Thanks, erikg. I find that

Thanks, erikg. I find that dismantling an argument through concise facts works a lot better than the "OMG LOOK AT WHUT LIBRIL AMERIKA DID LOLOLOLOL LIBRULS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when your opinion is based on non-truths and empty talking points, then you deserve a call out. Danke, man.

Is there even a term for a false tu quoque?

Find me an example of Maddow (or hell, even Sharpton, since apparently the entire left side of the political spectrum is eligible for the "media bias" tag, even when they aren't actually on television) making an ethnic crack, an anti-gay slur, or a joke made at the expense of a minority with less power than they have, and I'll consider your argument.

Otherwise, you picked a bad day to piss down your own leg, because it's cold enough out that it's going to make your pants freeze to you.

Calling a man a woman is an insult?

There is a math here that I don't understand. How is calling a man a woman somehow a put down? To adapt a phrase: calling a man a woman is like calling a fish a bicycle.

Lightbulb moment! Calling a man a woman is junior high wit for telling a man he is somehow deficient. Wait...how is a man deficient if he is called a woman?

Seems to me that using the female gender as a way to put down a male is a total slam against women. So misogyny is alive and well on Fox tv stations.

As my mother used to say

"You're being deliberately obtuse."

It's offensive to not respect the gender identity of any person, and it's offensive to suggest that effeminate men or masculine women or anyone who doesn't conform to your ideals of gender or identity or behavior are not man enough or woman enough.

local news is enough of a

local news is enough of a joke without the low-rent don rickles act....

isn't there a counting dog somewhere they should be interviewing? Or an expose they can use to uncover conartists swindling octogenarians of their driveway repaving money?

Gene doesn't seem like an

Gene doesn't seem like an ***hole, I'm sure it was just some nervous laughter after a juvinile comment. The real story here is that Barney has put himself out there in publicly asking to be appointed, and we know Deval is good buddies with Barak so.... Did Barney do this to pressure Deval? Love him or hate him Barney is a giant in Mass politics- how and why did this situation become public? Thoughts?

I accidentally +1 'd this

I accidentally +1 'd this comment.
Reviewing the segment again when Greater Boston replayed it Friday night (and have credit to uhub), I didn't think Gene's laugh was a result of nerves. He's been on air long enough to be able to handle clarifying his opinion in an awkward situation if he so chooses. He would have gained respect from me if he had intervened by saying, hey that's inappropriate. This was a gay slur disguised as bullying humor. Pretty disappointing. I had thought at least Boston's local Fox station was beyond this sort of denigrating BS.