What would make a hoodie cost $495?

Beyond simply being for sale at Marc Jacobs, that is? Whatever, this dude is wanted for stealing one of said $495 hoodies from said Marc Jacobs on Newbury Street.



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    I wouldn't pay 100 bucks for a hoodie

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    let alone 300-500. $50. is my hoodie limit.

    I wear cheap ass Chinese brand dollar store underwear,too. And a fake ass leatherette Armani coat. And a fake ass North Face knit cap I paid 3 bucks for from a street stall. But my New Balance running shoes are genuine.

    ahahahahhahahahhaha. ive

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    ahahahahhahahahhaha. ive never commented on here until i read your comment.


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    I would never support unoriginal merchandise, and that is a shame that people do, to all those people, just shop at walmart. To anon, you should just not comment on style cuz your to cheap to care anyway so go comment on something you actually appreciate. Your street style is probably bummy. And out of all the things you mentioned "New Balance being genuine" Who cares about the brand with a letter "N" as their logo you may as well have gotten some fake shoes with a letter "Z" so you could at least match... And "yes" I would pay $500 for a hoodie if I wanted it that bad.

    The answer is ...

    the moron who will pay that kind of money for a hoodie. I buy mine at Ocean State for 10 bucks.

    Well there's some difference

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    I'm willing to suppose that the Marc Jacobs hoodie is going to be made out of better material than what you'd find at Ocean State. Of course, not better enough to be worth paying the extra $485, but certainly better.

    OSJL probably wins on net

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    Even if the OSJL ones disintegrate in the washing machine after the first time you wear them, you'll still get more mileage out of 49 (and a half, I guess) wear-it-once-and-throw-it-away crappy hoodies than you will out of one money-can't-buy-taste Marc Jacobs one. Paying for quality is one thing, but paying for branding is the most asinine thing a person can do.

    $10 hoodies

    I find those don't last ... the zippers fail. At least under teen abuse.

    I'd rather go to Bobs or wait for a sale at Eddie Bauer Outlet - $25 tops and my boys will get a year or two out of them.

    RIP BOGO sales at Hootenanny!

    Isn't shrinkage a tax write-off?

    As in, they sell some $495 hoodies to well-funded BU students, they sell some more as a closeout at a discount, and then they write off the ones that got stolen at the full $495?

    If so, that might explain why some retailers don't seem to have anybody working in the store, yet have outrageous prices on the tag given the $5 it might have taken to make the item.


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    You probably want to ask the dudes in Southie who jump into the freezing harbor.

    nope, you write off shrinkage

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    nope, you write off shrinkage at cost of inventory, not the retail price. So, if Marc Jacobs only pays $10 for the hoodie, the write off is $10.

    I have a Marc jacobs hoodie.

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    I have a Marc jacobs hoodie. It cost 200 dollars and other than being too short it's the nicest hoodie I've ever owned. It's extremely soft, well-made and has lasted five years so far with no Signs of damage. Also, these clothes are obviously not marketed toward people who would notice a difference between 20 and 500 dollars in their checkbook. Most of their clothes don't have a logo anywhere so I don't see why someone would buy it for the name alone.

    I bought my sweatshirt at this same store and I remember there being a $1300 hoodie. If I were absurdly rich I would definitely have bought it.... It felt like wearing fluffy silk. I think the only reason I would fault someone for buying it is if I were petty and jealous.

    Remember that everything you buy is overpriced considerably. Lower-end brands are both overpriced and cheaply made and are also much more likely to have been made in a sweatshop. Also, while I agree money can't buy taste and it's possible to look good in affordable clothes, I've found that most people who scoff at designer clothes tend to look and dress like total shit and consequently are single (no im not saying looks are everythitng) and unhappy. Which might be why they are trying to denigrate other people instead of saying
    something positive.

    Yes, and I'm sure you tell everyone

    "You like it?...it's Marc Jacobs!"

    How happy and adjusted you must be making value judgements about people based on what they wear. Can I hang with you sometime? I'm lonely and single and need help picking out expensive clothing that will make you feel better about me.