What's happening to some former Upper Crusts is Just and Proper

A former Harvard Square Upper Crust renamed the Just Crust could soon be joined by a former Newbury Street Upper Crust to be renamed the Proper Slice.

The Boston Licensing Board today gave SS Investments permission to start serving food at the old Upper Crust at 222 Newbury St., a location it acquired from bankruptcy court in December. However, the board deferred action on a request from the company to also obtain the location's beer and wine license, pending submission of some corrected paperwork.

Attorney Mark Evlogiadis said his client, which already runs a pizza place in Brighton, will not need much time to start cheesing up the street - because the old Upper Crust's kitchen and dining area "are in pristine condition."



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Love Proper Slice

Joe, one of the owners, is one of the nicest folks you'll meet. He comes into my bar from time to time, and he also runs the Che-Chi's cart on Lansdowne. I wish him the best of luck in Back Bay.

its not just you, it implies

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its not just you, it implies that they are only selling you "pizza crusts". I'm imagining a french fry boat filled with pizza crusts with bite marks. gross

Pretty sure it's "The Just

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Pretty sure it's "The Just Crust." Although it seems to get left off in a lot of cases, the "the" as part of its title makes quite a difference, especially in context of its existence.

I'm kind of with you though, it's not the best name in the world, especially since so many people are going to have the same reaction.