When America's Cup yachts were built and rebuilt on Dorchester Bay

Whirldwind in 1930 at Lawley's

Whirlwind at Lawley's, 1930, getting ready to defend the Cup.

The final race of this year's America's Cup is scheduled for 4:15 p.m. today, involving futuristic hydrofoils off California. But once, the races took place off England and Rhode Island, and often featured yachts built or upgraded at George Lawley & Son, a boatyard that operated in South Boston until 1909 and then in Dorchester by the Neponset until it shut down in 1946.

Leslie Jones chronicled their work on both yachts and other vessels, including the Yankee, in 1935:

Working on the Yankee

H/t Carter.

Photos from the BPL's Leslie Jones collection posted under this Creative Commons license.



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Wow...beautiful boat.

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I won't even say anything about this year's America's cup and the heinous billion-dollar monstrosi--er...oops.

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My older relatives from South Boston

say that when they were street kids, this would be around 1925 or so, they would swim out to check out the beautiful yachts moored in Dorchester Bay, and, once in a blue moon, be invited aboard by the crew for a look around.

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