When horsies ruled the earth


The folks at the Boston City Archives challenge you to say where and when this Boston photo was taken. See it larger (and in stereoscope mode).



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Wild guess

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There was a house that is long gone, but the foundation remains, near Jamaica Pond - in the Northeast corner (?) - there are two guys carrying some kind of poles (fishging?) and the short stone wall looks like it may have fit around there.

Very little to go on unless you recognize that house - as the poster above may have done.

No lined panel(?)

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I think those are stairs - although I think the guess about surveying equipment is likely accurate.

the building facade and

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the building facade and stairs look like the Loring Greenough house. There is no stone wall at the street but the grading could have changed over time....

This was taken yesterday...

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on the set of This Old, Old, Old, House. Ancient, museum-grade carriages are ideal for hauling Bob Vila's extinct elm timber and copper pipes.

The Answer - kind of

We know that this was taken in June 1877, somewhere in South Boston, but we're unsure of the exact location. If anyone recognizes it, definitely let us know!