Where could you have found such a large construction site in modern Boston?

Mystery Boston spot

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can figure out where this mystery spot is. See it larger.



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    seems right

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    You can see one of the Needham towers in the background as well.

    Spectical Island?

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    It mostly fits, although the on the left side sort of throw it off.

    Or Pope John Paul Park?

    Millenium Park

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    Building with cars in it looks like a City salt shed.


    The capped Milton landfill? Mamet used it at about this stage to film some of the desert scenes in Spartan.

    And behind that

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    A DPW garage. Not yet built: The methane tower, where excess methane from the hill is burned off.

    Methane Tower?

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    Wait, they're *burning* methane? One of the reasons we went from oil to gas heat when we moved here, was because I knew it is possible to extract methane from garbage. If we're going to drown in it, we might as well be warm. So the DPW is just throwing this away? Not compressing it and using it elsewhere?

    No clue if they use any of it

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    But, yes, as you enter the park and go up the hill, look to the right of the salt shed/garage area and you'll see a thickish tube thing. In operation, you can see the air shimmying above it.

    Yup, seems like a waste

    I've seen the same thing at a capped landfill in Wrentham. Once, I was doing a night mt bike ride around there and saw the flame - had no idea what it was at first. Kinda cool at night, but you wonder if the gas could be used.
    Similarly, there's a natural gas facility in Hopkinton that has a tower that burns stuff, too. Apparently, it burns impurities, and also very cool at night.

    The Answer!

    Those of you who guessed Millennium Park in West Roxbury are correct. This is in the City Archives backyard! Our building is located directly in front of Millennium Park at 201 Rivermoor St and this is the view from the back of our building.