Where is the secret train burial grounds?

Dead trains on the Red, Green, Needham and Providence/Stoughton lines (so far) made for another interesting commute for many this morning.

UPDATE: "Significant delays" possible on the Fitchburg Line due to signal problems.




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You know I read this blog

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You know I read this blog daily and sometimes admit to thinking a bunch of whiners have taken over the city, but I gotta say the whole T fiasco is un f'n believable. How can officials expect people who rely on public transportation to get to a job on time and put up with this bull? You know, the people whose tax money they rely on? I mean the other day when it was 5 degrees they didn't even have shuttle buses to pick up those kicked of broken down trains? It's inhumane, we treat animals better.

I give props to anyone who relies on this mess to get to a job, doctor appointment or anything on time and do it day after day. To be honest, I don't think I could do it.

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I'm not too concerned

I've heard the new MBTA GM and her team is just gearing up to travel the entire system to find things to point at. As is evidenced by her triumphant observation of an unidentified object in a generic office earlier in the week, I think we can expect her to get to work pointing at all types of things and getting serious about taking staged photos.

It would be nice if instead of pointing at things she put together a team of experienced engineers to figure out why so many things are failing when it gets into the single digits and more importantly, fast track solutions to prevent these types of problems in the future.

But I'm sure all we'll see is more literal finger pointing followed by threats of service cuts.

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