Where's the Secretary?

Beacon Hill protest

Michael Buell photographed a protest against military action in Syria outside John Kerry's Louisburg Square digs this afternoon.

The Globe has more on the protest.




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I'm conflicted about whether

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I'm conflicted about whether I should view outright Assad supporters as good or bad. On the one hand, if he used chemical weapons that is horrible. However, if his regime falls then the islamists takeover and start wholesale slaughtering people probably starting with the christian minority.

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Not as bad

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As The Obama Admin giving weapons to the rebels, many of which are forgein fighter who have DIRECT ties to terrorist organizations. The very same groups who are killing US solders and young girls in Pakistan, many for simply trying to obtain an education. It's a double edged sword, arm a group who will take out a regim which is killing citizens. Or arm (which we already have) group(s) who will take out a regim, implement Islamic law, kill US troops (weapons will be moved when needed), kill youg girls and commit atrocities until they bring the Middle East back into the Stone Age. They have already chosen the wrong path. They need to choose a plan which reduces placing arms in possession of terrorist and help to minimize the ability for the regim to saluter it's people. Bombing may kill civilians in the short term, but far less than arming lunatics in the long run.

You can tell The Obama Adim is struggling with making a decision. Arming a third party with ill intent is not going to help the overall condition in the long run, bombs will fall, soon and we will force our allies to be more involved.

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Cross out "Obama Adim"

And insert just about every "adim" the US has ever had.

Short memory must have a short memory ...

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You're confused

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That group you remember was anti-RIGHT. Once their guy got in, their job was done. Results are irrelevant.

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It is. This photo doesn't

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It is. This photo doesn't show them all. Numbers were around 200-300 people. Still kinda small but consider that we haven't started bombing yet. Also, bad weather that day.

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