Who are these guys?

Mystery people

Today's mystery photo from the Boston City Archives: Who are these people, what are they doing and when and where were they doing it? See it larger.



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    I Dont Know

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    But they look like the predecessor's to The Village People.


    Dapper o'neil, Chris Iannella

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    Dapper o'neil, Chris Iannella and Larry Dicara all on the Boston City Council for many years. I am guessing the other is Teirney. Looks like late 60s and early 70s. I assume a fundraiser against busing which they were famous for.


    Oh man

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    Boy are some of those costumes offensive if this is true.


    He was in disguise and hiding from the law!

    I really have no clue who these guys are.

    The Answer!

    Top left is Larry DiCara
    Top right is Peter O'Neill
    Bottom left is Chris Iannella
    Bottom right is Dapper O' Neill

    This was a satirical men's fashion show which took place during Boston 200. We think this was in 1976, but its not certain. The show was entitled "The Masculine Mystique." We have more photos coming on Monday!

    Wanna bet?

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    90% of the current residents of Boston couldn't tell who any of these dudes are.


    charicatures of famous figures

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    Dapper as Beefeater Gin
    Not sure who is playing Tom Wolf
    same for Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch?
    Larry DiCara as the jockey