Who says Boston is hard to navigate?

Signs at Edward Everett Square

At Edward Everett Square in Dorchester.



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    Bad signage. Zakim Bridge. Leverett Connector.

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    Bad signage question...
    Leaving Boston what are a) the first off ramps available after the Zakim Bridge and b) the first off ramps available after the Leverett Connector for turning around back to Boston?

    c) Leaving Boston how do you know whether to take the Zakim Bridge or take the Leverett Connector?

    Sullivan Square

    The first northbound off-ramp after the Zakim Bridge is Sullivan Square. Turn right to go to Charlestown, and then a second right turn on Rutherford Ave. will return you to downtown Boston. Or turn left to get on Washington Street in Somerville, heading towards Union Square and Harvard Square.

    I haven't done it in a while,

    but isn't there a Nashua Street exit in the tunnel of the Connector?

    I only took the connector when they had to close the Pike going to Logan (2004?), so it's pretty foggy in memory, but I do remember an exit that was signed "Detour to Boston", and the main drag was "Detour to Storrow".

    The exit to Nashua Street

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    is before the short tunnel at the end of the "inbound" (towards Storrow Drive) connector. However, it's signed as "North Station", not "Nashua St".

    I'll feed this troll

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    A. and b- surprisingly, there are signs on both I-93 and Route 1 noting exits

    C. If you are near Leverett Circle or using the river roads, take the Leverett Connector. If you are on/near the Tip O'Neil tunnel or the Southeast Expressway, take the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge.

    Course you can.

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    Go all the way down 'til you can't go anymore, then bang a right. Can't miss it.

    Take a right

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    Take a right at the light. Then go straight until night - from then boy you're on your own.

    Cant get there from here

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    If you know the intersection then you know it a 5 way. If you on Mass ave then you have Columbia rd straight ahead and to your right. Boston st to your left. Mass ave end here. Columbia rd takes a right heading towards Southie. Boston st starts here and heads towards Andrew sq. The other Boston st sign is for cars heading in the opposite direction on Columbia rd, they could take a left to continue on Columbia rd. and right to go on Boston st. or maintain straight to travel on Mass ave. I hope I made that as clear as mud.

    Everett Square

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    A.B. Grump wonders if the installer for is paid based on the number of sign straps used....

    Great picture which says far more than the image itself.

    This "square" (in name only) was a traffic rotary with a statute of Edward Everett in the center - the statute was moved, I believe, after being hit and toppled several times by cars in the early days of the automobile.

    At least with a rotary as you went around you had to slow down and look to where to get off - rather than contemplating this visual pollution and stepping on the gas.

    As a pedestrian who regularly (daily) crosses this "square" - I am too busy trying to avoid getting killed to notice the signs. And to add to the irony - this "square" was recently redone - it is no accident the giant bronze Pear, at the center of a very fun, provocative and informative neighborhood public art piece, is off to the side - next to the entrance to East Cottage street. Sitting here affords one of the best views of Boston "car chicken" as drivers attempt to enter – simultaneously - this narrow street (and major shortcut) from multiple lanes of Columbia Rd..

    A.B. Grump suggests you go there and walk around the “square” say during the extended evening rush hour and experience it yourself. The rush can be more effective than an energy drink unless of course you choose to drive through – in which case you are probably already suffering from adrenal fatigue brought on by your commute.

    Mass Ave

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    Couldn't fit Massachusetts Ave on the sign or they couldn't spell it?

    If you spelled out

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    "Massachusetts Ave", the sign blank would be at least 1 1/2 times longer than the Columbia Road sign is. Given that everyone around here (including the traffic reporters) calls it "Mass Ave", there's no need for longer signs that will easily get damaged by wind anyway.

    What I find more troubling about these signs is placing a "go left" arrow to the right of the legend. Somebdy needs to go back to "Human Factors Design For Traffic Signs 101".

    My favorites are the signs at

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    My favorites are the signs at the corner of Batterymarch St & Batterymarch St in the Financial District and the way that Columbus Ave just becomes Tremont Street with no warning as you head toward the South End.

    South St

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    Anyone ever try following South St from JP into Rozzie? That's a doozy.

    It's the Rte. 66 of Boston

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    You can still drive on parts of it, but other parts are just gone. It joins up with Washington Street just south of Roslindale Square, then disappears, then picks up again, la di da, as if nothing ever happened, off the street where Washington becomes Poplar for a block (hmm, and Poplar itself is quite the odd road).