But who'll emcee the St. Patrick's Day roast?

State Sen. Jack Hart, D-South Boston, is resigning pretty much immediately, the Dorchester Reporter alerts us.




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Another politician cashes in

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Dunn was just re-elected. I am so disgusted with this practice. Could someone remind these cretins that they took an OATH? That they owe it to their constituents to complete their terms? That the standard "I want to spend more time with my family" line of BS doesn't hold up, they knew what they were getting into, especially if they were re-elected? Everyone has a family. Hardly anyone gets a two or four year no-cut contract with pay and benefits.

The public now gets stuck with bill for a special election. When someone quits, all the remaining campaign funds should be forfeited to pay for the election.

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I wonder if he will end up being the subject of an investigation in the near future...

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Time to go

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How about we let this embarassment just fade away?

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