Love that dirty water!

Parade on Saturday, apparently.

Across the city, people were partying like it was 1918. Fireworks were shot off accross the region. Iza Rey reports:

Someone is driving really slowly down Centre St in JP and honking their horn in a repetitive pattern

A bunch of bananas joined the celebration. People walked to the Marathon finish line in the Back Bay and bent down and kissed it.

There were scattered reports of bottles and even shoes being thrown at cops along Boylston Street, from the Landmark Center to Park Drive, but nothing like the standard rioting at UMass Amherst.




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    heard them already- in

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    heard them already- in Auburndale of all places. Or celebratory gunfire?hts

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    Best part for me?

    Watching the win at the limo pool and watching as the old guys who complain all year round about the Muslim drivers and their prayer rugs hugging these same Muslim drivers. Baseball transcends prejudice nowadays.

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    thanks FOX Sports...

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    ..for the gleeful comment about "Ripping it up"

    ...and then the world's fastest backtracking when his neanderthal brain realize that maybe not everyone would think rioting, destruction, and violence would be funny like he did.

    We need to start a campaign to demand an apology from him.

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    As a Umass alumnus

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    I can tell you it's a celebration.

    At least, until the police start firing the less lethal rounds into the happy drunks, which quickly become angry drunks.

    Basically what BPD used to do, before a few ugly incidents and public pressure to cut the crap.

    Let them jump in the pond. Put the swatteam away.

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    Two cents from another UMass alum

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    I agree - that was a bunch of drunk kids milling around not knowing what to do with all their excess energy. A riot is when kids start throwing mattresses out of the towers or people start throwing beer bottles at the cops. That's when you need the riot police.

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    The Harvard marching band is

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    The Harvard marching band is out playing an impromptu version of "Sweet Caroline" through Harvard Square. Amazing.

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    Was a fun season!

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