Wire woes whack Riverside riders

The T's broken out its "severe warning" alert this morning for the Riverside line, whose riders are being asked to seek alternate means of transportation between Riverside and Reservoir due to a wire that has discovered it's subject to the law of gravity.

The T assembled buses for a relief effort. Not long after, riders on the 57 line started reporting delays as some of their buses were pulled out of service to deal with the growing throngs of Riverside riders.

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No, the post-9AM commute

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will remain lousy as they continue to loop Riverside trains at Government Center only to hold them for at least ten minutes at Park Street (as I witnessed on my way in today). This will result in continued slowdowns, as all westbound trains are being forced to berth on a single platform. This "single track" berthing also creates unnecessary confusion for passengers as well, further slowing down the service.

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The D line use to be so nice

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WTF happened? Every day now it's cattle cars inbound and outbound.

And those hoards of BU students who get on at Reservoir are one big pain in the ass. This is why we can't have nice things.

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Those would be BC students

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this BU alum says with disgust, just beating an equally disgusted BC alum!

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It is time for the beautiful

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It is time for the beautiful people of the western suburbs to start paying their "fair share". Time to dig a little deeper so the Green Line can be improved!!!

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