Woman who was grabbed in Fort Point elevator spots, photographs man she believed to be her attacker on Broadway today

UPDATE: Caught in Southie reports BPD has ruled out the man in the photo as a suspect, so I've taken down the copy that was here.

A woman attacked in the elevator of an apartment building last week was outside the Broadway T stop today when she spotted a familiar face - that of the man who attacked her, according to residents of the building.

The woman managed to snap his photo before calling police, but he got on a 9 bus that headed toward City Point before police arrived, residents say.

In the photo, the man appears to be glowering at the woman, as he wears ear buds - one wrapped around his ear, rather than in it.



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      Finger the wrong guy and your

      Finger the wrong guy and your real attacker remains at large. I don't think many victims would go that route.

      Guys with haircuts like that are usually trouble - perverts, meatheads miscreants, cops, PTSD soldiers. Normal guys don't sport haircuts like that.

      This whole website is photos

      This whole website is photos posted online by people. Of course it makes sense, especially since the BPD all but admitted this case was on the back burner until this photo came out. People who take the T at Broadway or who live or work in South Boston may have seen him and can help police identify him and prevent another attack. That's hard to understand?


      wow...guess those other ten

      wow...guess those other ten thousand of so guys in this state with similar cuts better get to their barber or stylist to get that fixed, lest they be thus stereotyped by keen observers such as yourself. any comments on mohawks, or dreads ? please, enlighten us.


      So, I believe you are suggesting that soldiers with PTSD are lurking and grbbing women preying upon them.. Slim down your suspects. Someone who commits a crime or is a voyerer or so sick can only be catorized as an extremely dangerous person who needs to be apprehended.. I hope they post that picture today because this is becoming epidemic and I don't appreciate having to look over my shoulder every time I go out,getiing in and out of my vehichle..

      It is probably the same man who walked the beach the other day about fifteen times.. frothing at the mouth.. People are apprehensive about calling because they become the victims, having to go into court to testify, after being summons..scary.

      You a god damn idiot

      Have of Boston men in their 20-30 have hair cut like that, including myself, half of my friends and my younger brother. Back to you Liberal Utopia were men wear women's jeans and vintage shirt.

      PS it called a fade.


      "Guys with haircuts like that

      "Guys with haircuts like that are usually trouble - perverts, meatheads miscreants, cops, PTSD soldiers. Normal guys don't sport haircuts like that."

      Wow, you can tell so much from someones hair style - I'm impressed/.

      Talk about stereotyping. I think I'm even more surprised you got 8 votes. Really people? If this poster said the same thing about someone with dreads I'd be curious what the reaction would be.


      excuse me?

      No, it's be called out even faster and stronger than the same BS was here.

      Only there wouldn't be people trying to invalidate the complaints about gender and appearance stereotypes because of a fictitious, hypothetical, outdated scenario.

      Go look in your history book and read about how feminism has recognized gender stereotypes as being harmful to BOTH genders since before you were born.


      Not quite

      I exchanged several e-mail messages with her last night. She's not recanting the photo, she asked me to redact information about her address (which I did), since this guy is obviously still out there, and to correct a mistake (I originally wrote she'd seen him in the morning, it wasn't in the morning).

      In recovery

      I am sure this guy is just another junkie "in recovery" residing in one of the 500 unregulated sober houses in South Boston who needed money for subuxone/methadone/{insert opiate}. Hopefully, the cops grab this scumbag soon.

      Here's what's scary about that photo

      There are two kinds of attackers: one would see his victim and immediately hide his face and try to evade detection. The other -- the more dangerous kind imho -- would stare them down as a threat.

      This is particularly disturbing to me because I work across the street from the building where this woman was attacked. If he's bold enough to glare at her, he's probably bold enough to return to the scene looking for her and I'm terrified for both of us and all of the women who frequent that location.

      I hope this is the guy and I hope they catch him lightening fast!

      He was cleared this am.

      He was wrongfully accused in the attack. Was in a different part of town during the attack and there is evidence to prove so which was cleared with the police.

      It's incredible how judgmental folks have been on this thread about his looks. Any person can attack someone regardless of their appearance and I find it so wrong that people were so quick to jump on that. Also to assume he is a junkie is incredible discriminatory.

      You should be sure before you

      You should be sure before you point the finger at the wrong person. Although cleared, his life is ruined. He was publicity disgraced. This site, bpdnews.com, Facebook, the local news and the victim should all be proud if what they have done.
      His family never doubted him.
      Auntie loves you.


      I figured I would let you all have a correct update. He is my brother and he went that morning to clear his name it was never him in the first place. He was wrongfully accused and now his face is plastered every where of doing some horrible crime. He has been cleared since Friday. This woman identified my brother but she must be unaware that all "Southie" kids dress the same and have the same hair style.