Wonder if any Blackhawks fans are staying at the Lenox?

Lou the Bruins fan

Lindsay Tower introduces us to Lou, one of the doormen at the Lenox Hotel on Boylston Street.



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Of course not

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They're staying under the Charlesgate bridges. They spent too much on tickets to afford a hotel.

how do you know?

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Are they really at the Ritz?

I think hes telling the truth

dvdoff knows his stuff.

Plus I've seen the Leafs and Canucks stay there in years past. Would be nice if someone could "accidentally" trip the fire alarm, maybe at 2 or 4am tomorrow?

Four Seasons, too

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I was walking by the Four Seasons a couple of years ago and saw the Charlotte Bobcats coming out of the hotel and boarding the bus. Which surprised me, since if you'd asked me where I thought the Charlotte Bobcats stayed when they were in town, I'd have guessed the Days Inn out by the IHOP in Brighton.

Come on now

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They have to spend Jordan's money somehow. It sure ain't on the talent.

But where do they stay in Miami?

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Surely Stern's money lining their pockets can afford them some place nice down there.

The refs on the ice this series have been pretty good in my opinion.