The worst a Bruins fan can be: Leafs fan punched out at Garden after Bruins loss

Seems a group of Leafs fans got jumped after Saturday's game at the Garden - and one of them was punched into unconsciousness.

"I had a cat scan done, I got three staples in the back of my head, swollen cheek, cut the inside my mouth, and concussed. I don't remember the end of the game because of it."

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Agreed ...While both actions


...While both actions are examples of hideous behavior at sporting events, is holding up an offensive sign even in the same ballpark as cold-cocking an opposing fan who had the audacity to wear a different colored jersey in the other team's building.

Disclaimer: I'm an avid Bruins fan and Boston resident who happens to love the city of Toronto.


There is no room for this in hockey. The B's aren't the club that I support and I find the Garden extremely hostile towards 'outsider' fans - I stopped wearing any colors to games that mark me as such.

It gets much worse if you're sitting towards the back. I know it's unfair to judge a fanbase based on the actions of a few bad apples, but it is one arena I don't feel 100% safe in even during regular season play. The confrontations I have confrontations I have experienced were downright nasty.

Don't worry

I'm sure that WBZ Radio will have this as "breaking news" for their Monday 7AM newscast in a couple of weeks. Far more important for them to interview the Marathon bombing suspects' hair stylist first.

Having previously worked at the garden

I can tell you all flat out the worse behavior during hockey games I've ever observed has come from Habs [Montreal] fans. HANDS DOWN the most obnoxious fans. This kind of stuff is par for the course in hockey. Nothing to see here,folks. I'm sure Toronto fans aren't particularly shocked.