This would be just feline: Somebody wants to open a cat cafe in Boston

A cafe where you can pet and gaze at cats while you sip your latte, not a place for cats to enjoy mouse smoothies, that is.

I'm a young entrepreneur looking to start a cat cafe in the U.S. I'm very serious about this and determined to have be created by the end of 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. I've had this idea for a while now ever since learning about them through the internet a couple of years ago.

Cat cafes are a type of small restaurant originating in Japan where patrons can eat meals and have beverages in the company of felines.

And then, once it's up and running, somebody could open a puppy cafe.

H/t, David Harris.



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As we all know

Japan doesn't have any health codes ... and years of something safely operating elsewhere doesn't matter because germs in Boston are different, amirite?


difference would be the singularity of care responsibility

I think the big issue with the cat & dog pet rental boiled down to the old adage "A dog with two masters is never fed". The concern was that some people renting an animal for a short time might show as little concern for its well being as some car rental customers do for their vehicles - that is to say, little or none.

I assume that the owner of the cat cafe (kitty coffee bar? tabby tearoom?) would be wholly responsible for the care and upkeep of the animals.

It seems to me that if you can have restaurant aquariums, and pet store displays, there's not much difference with dining 'avec chat en serres'

All Cats Should Be Toilet Trained

I trained my cat, Henry, when he was a kitten, but cats of all ages can learn. It takes some patience; with your cat, and also with yourself; but the payoff is worth it many times over. You never have to purchase or deal with litter, and your cat and your house will be much, much cleaner. It's a gift that will last your cat's lifetime!

BB tags don't seem to be working. Henry's Video on YouTube:

We got really lucky

Mine was self-training. She came to us after living her first year and more on the streets.

Being a feline Eliza Doolittle when it came to eagerly learning her house cat manners, she went further than necessary. She decided that "in human houses, one uses the toilet for such needs".

We didn't know until my son noticed that all the humans were in sight ... but who is using the bathroom? He walked in on her and she gave him that "do you MIND?" look.


Indoor Cats Are Not At Risk

The warning you cite applies to outdoor cats and/or cats that catch (and presumably eat) a lot of mice. Indoor cats are at very low risk for the parasite. The environmental benefits of not sending used cat litter to the landfill are manifold. The perfumes and other chemicals in most cat litters are unhealthy for your cat and your family. Once you've trained your cat to use the toilet, the notion of it urinating and defecating in a box of litter is as disgusting as using a litter box for people. There's nothing like a toilet trained cat!

all true, but most indoor

all true, but most indoor cats i know (including mine) are rescues from the humane society with unclear histories-- they may have spent much of their youth outdoors, we don't know.

Also in most cat litter aisles I've been in the bentonite-based, clumping, perfumed cat litters are increasingly outnumbered by any number of alternatives: recycled newspapers, sustainably-grown pine pellets, etc. We weren't 100% certain that our cats don't have toxo, so we felt we had a responsiblity not to send their poop to the harbor. Your mileage may vary

After One Month, Indoor Cats Are Safe

According to the CDC website, an infected cat will only shed oocysts for 1-2 weeks. Allowing a full month to be absolutely safe, a rescued cat that always remains indoors will not be harboring the parasite. There are many benefits to never letting your cat go outdoors, and even more benefits if they're also toilet trained.

If you do use cat litter; perhaps in conjunction with your toilet training process; I found the (unscented, nontoxic) wheat based litter to work very well.

Did you know the famous jazz musician, Charles Mingus, was an advocate of cat toilet training?

Right meow?

I didn't realize cats were so popular right meow.

Meow, I don't know if this place will survive or not but I hope they get the oppurrtunity to try.

This joke isn't as funny in writing, here and meow, as it was in the movie.

Why not maid cafes?

If we're going to import a café idea from Japan, lets try a maid café. They are nicer in your lap, and about the same about of pussy contact.

Oh, and of course, if it is cats, people who are allergic will sue and say it is discrimination.

Yes. YES.

I'm going to carefully step away from all the potential puns* and just admit that if it was close enough I'd go to this at least twice a day.

*Wouldn't it be purrfect in Quincy Markat? THERE ITS OUT OF MY SYSTEM


Will my cat be jealous if she smells another feline on me?

Such a place would be cool with many benefits:
1. Like a petting zoo for kids while parent/sitter can chill with coffee.
2. Opportunity for people to meet and adopt shelter cats, who are also so starved for attention.
3. Pets are good for mental health.
4. Cats are generally far cleaner and less smelly than dogs.
5. No sloppy saliva everywhere and to slip on as with dogs.
6. Cats far more restrained and choosy about the human's food.

Other thoughts:
"Waiter, there is a hair in my soup!"
Pregnant women should avoid the place due to toxoplasmosis risk.
How do I get my cat certified as a service animal?

Swell Idea

I like kittehs. I'd eat there.

One bad thing I foresee is someone stealing a cat or two (I have no idea why they'd do it, but I'll lay odds it will happen.) Also, given the weirdsmobiles in this city, I wouldn't be surprised if someone goes there and [kicks, steps on, shaves, molests] a cat.

Suldog (but, despite the canine name, friendly to cats)