WUMB to drop Grateful Dead program

Jeff Boudreau reports the UMass Boston station is ending the Grateful Dead Hour on Jan. 12.



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If they are going to replace it with an Public Radio distributed program I strong hope it is "Echos". (New Age show.) That's the only PRI/NPR distributed music program I like and it's completely missing from all the Boston stations.

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It's apparently going to be

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It's apparently going to be replaced with just the music of their weekday format playing automatically from a hard drive, at absolutely no cost to the station. No on-air personnel to pay for that hour, and no fee to a syndicator for a national program.

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Wait! Does this mean we can

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Wait! Does this mean we can get a Uhub hour with rotating guests?

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I wonder what other changes they're planning

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The WUMB Music Director is quoted as saying "We need to streamline our programming for now." I wonder what that means for the rest of their schedule. I used to be a regular listener -- and at one point a significant donor -- but the quality of the music they play has been going steadily downhill for quite some time. And the speed of the descent has increased rapidly in the past few months. The few decent programs that remain are all on the weekend; I wouldn't be surprised if "streamlining" means getting rid of the only good shows they have left.

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