The Year in Storrowing

A collection of photos and reports of storrowed or almost storrowed trucks and buses on our river roads this year. Normally, these are just a chance to laugh at illiterates behind the wheel, but this year, of course, saw a bus crash on Soldiers Field Road that sent 33 people to the hospital.

The Year in Storrowing: 2013



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    Good question

    It might be a matter of everybody near Storrow Drive getting a Twitter account and tweeting things that in years past most of us might not have heard about. Fortunately, these incidents rarely result in injuries.

    I forgot to tweet one

    There was a near-miss in late November or early December that I would have tweeted had I not been driving. MSP escorted a rig off Soldiers Field Rd. eastbound onto North Harvard, at the beginning of the afternoon rush, so it was kind of hairy making enough room for the rig to turn. Had he continued east he would have taken out the pedestrian bridge over Soldiers Field Rd. by the Weeks Foot Bridge (not sure if it has its own name or if it, too, is considered part of the Weeks for naming purposes).

    sorrow drive

    A. They need to install some electronic monitors to flash huge warning signs if a too-tall truck goes thru.
    B. They also might consider removing truck restrictions on some other roads. Ever try to take a truck to the Kenmore area? Do a study of available truck routes.