You'd almost think they're expecting a hurricane to hit this afternoon


For the a baseball game? It

For the a baseball game? It took me a minute to figure out why employees would go home early today, and a baseball game was not even on the top of my list. In fact I am still wondering if I am not getting something. Is there a hurricane coming? It is kinda gray outside.

How nice of Obama to visit today of all days...

On the day of the biggest Boston sporting event since the marathon, when Islamic terrorists killed three (later a fourth) and maimed hundreds, President Obama feels the need to come here on this very day in an attempt to bolster disastrous Obamacare? Traffic, business disruptions and major inconvenience aside, the strain on the Boston Police Department, from bomb squad, bomb dogs, crowd control etc. to be in two places within a couple of hours, in very different parts of the city is totally unnecessary. Arrogance.



>> terrorists killed three (later a fourth) and maimed hundreds …

And one of them's in the ground and one's awaiting trial.

Maybe in a dozen years we'll still be saying stuff like "the first _____ event since the marathon." Kind of like how "post-9/11" has become a meme.


"Maybe in a dozen years we'll

"Maybe in a dozen years we'll still be saying stuff like "the first _____ event since the marathon." Kind of like how "post-9/11" has become a meme."

The point was not that this was a post-bombing sporting event. The point was that Obama didn't visit Boston until well after the attacks.

My question: there were massive security restrictions for the 4th of July that caused many people to stay home/go elsewhere. Why didn't the World Series games have similar restrictions? (Snarky answer: that would have hurt MLB/Red Sox/John Henry profits.)


Today was the day of the fundraiser he wanted to attend in Weston, so it had to be today or the DNC would have to reimburse the gov't for the cost of his use if AF1.


Just late enough that Papa will have already landed at Foxtrot Hilo, and early enough to ease things out by the time they extract to the LZ. Probably won't be effective for the Romeo Sierra rush, though.


The crowd won't be any larger than any of the sold out crowds Fenway has hosted for years. This sounds like 2004, when downtown Boston was cleared for the 35,000 strong Democratic National Convention. If Boston can't function while it hosts an event, maybe the Chamber of Commerce should revise downward its estimates of the economic benefits of hosting such events.


A friend of mine heard a

A friend of mine heard a rumor that the city will be shutting down liquor sales after the 7th inning -- in bars!

Given the City's history of gross overreaction to just about everything, I wouldn't rule it out, but it seems a little extreme (not to mention hard to enforce and potentially riot-inducing).


Sales, no. New customers, yes.

I was at a bar on Landsdowne St. the night they won the ALCS, and I believe the same rules are in force tonight. Basically, at the top of the 7th inning, no one is allowed into any bar in that area, and if you leave (even for a smoke) you won't be let back in. The bar was serving all the way through the end of the game, but it was sort of sad because as people left towards the end of the game (for whatever reason) they weren't being replaced. By the final strikeout in the 9th there were maybe 10 of us in the place, and you could tell the staff was eager to get home since they certainly weren't going to see any new business that night.

I get the rationale behind it, but it made it less exciting to be right by Fenway for such an important game, when I was seeking camaraderie and fellowship with fellow fans but instead felt a little like I was at a church lock-in with a youth group. For that reason tonight I will either be at home or at a watering hole in Somerville, where crowds can gather and hopefully act like grown adults.