95 southbound shut in Norwood due to bad crash

I-95 southbound is shut at rush hour due to what State Police report is a collision with life-threatening injuries at Exit 11 (Neponset Street).



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Rt. 95?

I think you mean 95 not 128 for the collision, though it's probably affecting 128 southbound too.

Arrgh, yes

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I've finally been tripped up by my own stupid attachment to "Rte. 128." Yes, this is on the road to Providence and is south of the half-an-interchange with the Rte. Formerly Known as 128 Except to Those of Us Who Will Never Forget It. Post fixed, thanks!

According to my information, the crash is just north

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of the Neponset Street interchange. So, if the full roadway closure lasts much longer, it wouldn't surprise me if the State Police order the southbound ramps in Canton (from I-95 (nee 128) south and from I-93 south) closed as well - lest the gridlock be extended into Needham and Boston.