2011 shootings that left two dead, 4-year-old shot remain unsolved - witnesses don't want to talk

WFXT reports the shootings are linked to the same guns, which are still on the street, along with their shooters.




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4 year old > college student

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The truth is there. Without the 4 year old getting shot, the murders of the two others wouldn't be getting the press 3 years later.

It always gets me that the calculus of crime outrage centers of race, but when a little kid gets shot, that's huge. Of course, I've always felt that aside from age, class is a lot more important than race, but then again that is loaded in of itself.

I'm still haunted by the double homicide on Washington Street back in 2011. Like this one, people know who did it, yet this will not get the press on its anniversary.

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That is so disturbing.

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That is so disturbing. People know and won't come forward. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

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If only rich white people

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If only rich white people cared more about the black community, this crime could be solved in NO TIME!

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