The 5 things you can do to help 32 elderly and disabled neighbors get dug out

Today, #SnowCrew dug out 24 elderly and disabled neighbors but 32 others still need help digging out after the storm.

Here are the top 5 things you can do to help them get dug out:

1) Dig them out yourself - go to to find who lives near you that still needs help. Requests are located from Foxboro to East Boston to Holbrook MA.

2) Blog about this on your own blog.

3) Tweet this post out. Kindly reference #SnowCrew and or @Neighbortweet

4) Share this on facebook.

5) If you live in Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville you can sign up to be notified by email or sms when neighbors requests shoveling assistance. Sign up here.

If you need shoveling assistance or know someone who does, you can submit a request online or call me at 857-222-4420.

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A lot of people who need help digging out (elderly) aren't internet and social-media savvy, so they might need help connecting to this service in the first place. Telling them about Snow Crew and helping them post for a visit would be really helpful, too.

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Yes the do

Almost half the request that come come in by phone - to me.

Thanks for reminding me to add my phone number - 857-222-4420. I will add it to my original post too.

Much appreciated.

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