90-year-old man attacked in Saugus carjacking

Saugus Police report they are looking for a man they took off in a 90-year-old's car in the Stop & Shop parking lot this morning.

Police say officers found the man on the sidewalk, bleeding. He declined medical attention, however.

They say the victim had just come out of the store with groceries when he was attacked by a white man, about 5'7" with dark hair. He sped off in the victim's brown, 2001 Ford Focus, Mass. plates 868-NHV.

If you spot either the suspect or the car, contact Saugus Police at 781-941-1199 or the anonymous tip line at 781-231-4037.



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    Any time frame for this? Was just there last night. Though I doubt I saw anything if it did happen last night, don't remember anything unusual.

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    Happened this morning around

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    Happened this morning around 8am if I remember correctly. I recall Saugus dispatching the BOLO around that time.

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    I'm hoping you would have

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    I'm hoping you would have noticed a 90 year old being beaten and carjacked.

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    Sorry I'm not omnipresent

    Sorry I'm not omnipresent, my Lord. Can't all have sixth senses and be embodiments of perfection like you.

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    Drug addiction

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    Desperate druggies do desperate things.

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    Not shocked

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    this is all too common. Only other elderly, impaired or folks who don't want trouble are going to call the police if they get a chance to confront this winner. Heinous crimes like these will get less press or severity from the courts than animal abuse or hate crime against some groups.

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