Abandoned Masonic hall in Dorchester creeps out Brits

For some reason, the Daily Mail posts photos of what it says is a haunted old Masonic hall on Columbia Road.

Sinister images of the Massachusetts building show a lone chair in an abandoned hallway where the owner of the site has said he has seen a 'female form' appear at sunset.

Via Boston Reddit.



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    Beautiful old building.

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    Beautiful old building. Someone will buy it, gut it, and replace all that nice stuff with the cheapest crap on clearace at Home Depot.

    I knew Ed Markey

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    Invented the internet and lives in Malden, but i had no idea he was a Freemason.

    Jim Hart's lawbooks

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    I bet those are James F. Hart's old lawbooks. The late state rep had his office in that building for years.

    That building is an index of the decline of the neighborhood. From a Rexall's with a lunch counter to . . . a check cashing place. Yes, it is haunted.

    The Daily Mail covers the world.

    You gotta have Hart

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    I thought the same thing when I saw the books. As he is the quite late state rep (14 years in the grave,) it makes you wonder about the occupancy rate in the building.

    I've never actually been in the building, but I remember hearing back in the early 80s that the elevators were still manually operated. Now, that might just be a kids view of it, but still, the elevators sound cool.

    Still, why did the Daily Mail care?