Abominable conditions in the Seaport and, well, pretty much everywhere else

Whiteout in the Seaport

Melissa B. looked out her office window around 2 p.m.




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Beware: Danger from Above!

I stepped out at lunch and cut down through Winthrop Lane ... and then the avalanche hit. There is a cornice above the fifth floor of the building that has the mini dunks, and that cornice had a lot of snow and ice on it that was loosened up by the rain.

I'm just amazed that I and the ten or so other people in the alley were not hurt. I dunked under the dunks awning with two other people. We all peeked out and dove back when the second wave cut loose and slammed into the fire escapes.

Look up, keep aware. Be ready to get flat against a building or dive for cover. A lot of built up crap is falling!

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