About time: South Boston waterfront to get tapas place

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let restaurateur George Aboujaoude open a small-plates restaurant in one of the new Vertex buildings.

With the board's approval, Aboujaoude will pay $325,000 for the liquor license being given up by Elephant Walk in Audubon Circle as it moves to a new location.

Aboujaoude's attorney, Karen Simao, said there's a growing need for restaurants in the waterfront and Fort Point area due to all the office and residential construction going on. She added that Aboujaoude's restaurant, named Committee, will fill a particular void in the area, because while diners have numerous choices for steak and seafood, there are no Mediterranean tapas places there.

The mayor's office and several city councilors spoke in favor of the license transfer.



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Our long national nightmare is over.

Side note; I thought Elephant Walk was just moving into a new building at the same location?

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Marge Says......

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Marge Simpson: I love tapas. They're like appetizers for a meal that never comes.

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