Actually, the idea of demo walls at T stops is kind of cool

Demo wall at Government Center

But, sadly, the "demo wall" at Government Center is just an instruction to the workers who will begin tearing apart the station on March 22, rather than a place to see demonstrations of various things.



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It would be cool...

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As you wait for the train. The chop-matic 3,000 that can slice and dice and using "T" puns to help sell that product, or it could become another store that sells lottery tickets


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This brings to mind a memorable piece of graffiti that adorned the wall of the up escalator at Maverick in the early 80s. "Drugs are the backbone of my life" accompanied riders the entire length of the stairwell (in remarkably similar handwriting!). It was there for months. I guess the MBTA has come a long way. But still: completely closing an important station for 2 years is spectacularly bad planning.

Bad planning?

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No, more like the reality of rebuilding an entire underground train station while trains still pass through it.