Advertiser not happy with way its circulars wind up in trash with Globe Direct

Some people talk about Globe Direct, but Jonathan Kamens is doing something about it: He's contacting all the advertisers he sees in the weekly red-bag-of-unwantedness. He posts a transcript of the voice-mail response he got from Shaws:

We have had several complaints about their alternate delivery and we are working with the Globe and our media company to try and persuade them to go back to the mail and inserting them in the paper. That’s not something that I can tell you that we have had success with yet, but we’re really working to make sure that the situation improves. We are paying good money as you have stated to have these materials delivered and don’t feel that they are being delivered in the appropriate manner. ...



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Why doesn't the advertiser have a say?

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I don't understand why the advertiser seems to have no say in how their advertisements are delivered. They are paying for a service.

100% of nothing is nothing

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Potentially reach 2-3% of gen pop recips (is that every house on the block?) or 2-3% if globe subscribers? I bet this CEO subscribes to his crappy hometown paper still and had to be strongarmed into approving a budget for a mobile app.

I haven't seen my lil red

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I haven't seen my lil red Baggie of flyers in about three weeks...and before that it was thrown in the gutter...

Reusing and recycling

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At least the bags are useful for my dog's deposits. I just recycle the flyers.

Sending this email works (so far, anyway)

Someone posted this a while back and I tried it. Got an actual acknowledgement via email from Globe Direct and they have stopped delivering (at least for now). Takes only a second to fire it off.

To: [email protected]
Subject: No Trespass Order

Dear Sir or Madam:

I hereby instruct Globe Direct, LLC, Boston Globe Media Partners, LLC, and all affiliated companies and contractors to cease delivery and deposit of all printed "Globe Direct" materials to my residence at (your address), in the City of (your city).

This message constitutes a NO TRESPASS ORDER under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266, Section 120.

Thank you for acknowledgement of this message.


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Your street
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