All good Red Line trains go to heaven

Such as the inbound train that left this mortal coil this morning at Wollaston.

Meanwhile, Jose Duca reports his Worcester Line train got into South Station at 8 a.m. He started at Southboro at 5:20 a.m.



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For the record, uhub is far

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For the record, uhub is far better than the mbtabwebsite at posting about Mbta issues. As a result, I checked your page before heading to the redline this morning....and once again realized I'd be better off driving into work. Because of broken down red line trains to and from work yesterday, my commute took as long as someone who drives from Springfield to Boston!

The best Red Line mbta delay source is twitter

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Many people who are standing on Red Line platforms tweet to Adam at @universalhub with updates and commentary. I use it as my go-to source for updates.

The MBTA site and @mbta handle on twitter are painfully inaccurate. They don't really understand the difference between "mild delay," "moderate delay" and "regular service."

Best source

The #MBTA tag on Twitter is the best source. But Adam here is a close runner up, and the rest of the field is way behind.


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How is it there are even any trains left to run on the Red Line?

Shakespeare on the MBTA

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I had to look it up to see which play "mortal coil"
came from (my 1st guess was "Macbeth"). Now, that I know -

Proposed casting:

Richard Davey - Hamlet
Beverly Scott - Queen Gertrude (Hamlet's mother)
? - Ophelia
Bill Bulger - Claudius (Hamlet's uncle and stepfather)
Mike Dukakis - Hamlet's father (in ghost form)
Robert DeLeo - Polonius (neither a borrower nor a lender be)

Performances daily: particularly in cold weather and in the early am and pm.