All the same, don't look straight down

Acrophobia Friendly Zone on the Charlestown Bridge

The stencil on the Charlestown Bridge looks official, so it must be, right?



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    As someone who simply cannot look down while crossing a bridge and used to be regularly traumatized by the BU bridge, I knew exactly which word that was!


    Vanishing Deck Effect

    So I had to look down when biking across this afternoon.

    I came close to achieving the same "invisible deck" effect that I used to get on the University Ave. Bridge in Lowell: you can feel the deck, you can hear the wheel hum, but it rasters such that you can't see it. It is rendered invisible in the same manner as the old film frames were. In Lowell it would happen around 12.5-13 mph - and I didn't quite reach that speed on this bridge because of the climb onto it.

    At least it is a shorter span of mesh than the Lowell bridge was. That one would be very disturbing, with the craggy gorge below it.


    Paint friendly zone

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    Someone has also added similar markings reading "PEDESTRIAN FRIENDLY ZONE" to various sidewalks in that area.

    and in Fort Point too...

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    I was curious about those myself… They seem almost professional looking but, awkwardly placed in not really "Pedestrian Friendly Zones"

    I think it's evil.

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    I think it's evil.

    If that writing wasn't there, I wouldn't have looked down!