All six suspects in Red Line attack turn themselves in

Transit Police report, say tips from the public after video was posted were key to their investigation, but nobody has been formally charged yet for the incident on a train approaching Broadway.




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Why no charges yet?

Please, cops, don't make me have to restate my socioeconomic-bias criminal justice conspiracy theories, or my alternate "whose daddy's a cop?" conspiracy theory. I can't handle another one of those cases- they give me the howling fantods.

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Good question, Dan Farnkoff.

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One would think, that, in this case, there's sturdy enough evidence so that they would be charged with assault and battery and attempted murder, right on the spot. Here's hoping that they get a quick, fair, thorough trial, are charged and imprisoned for their crimes.

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Judge, jury and executioner all in one, are we?

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I think police in this burg generally do a very good job, but did we learn nothing from the North End arrest? You know, the guy photographed being taken away in handcuffs from a basketball game at the local community center based on the victim's ID, only the guy might just possibly have had an alibi? And that was, what, four days ago?

If these people are guilty, I'd rather have the police take the time they need to make the case. It's not like they don't know who these six people are now.

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My fear is that you might forget to report it

if and when the police decide to quietly drop the case because, for instance, Georgie-boy's dad (the assistant DA's golf buddy) intervenes, or because Drusilla's mom on the Waltham city council insists "they're good kids- it was self defense! All six of them say so!" Resulting in them getting a break for ultraviolence and thuggery that would never be granted to "kids" of another race, or social class. As in coddling, no record, no lesson learned, and injustice. And it's certainly not about you, Adam- you are certainly more likely to stay on top of it than the Globe or Channel 7. But the media has a way of forgetting about these things, and I think that certain types count on that amnesia.
Probably we're jumping the gun, though.

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Why that is the old Masshole Epitome...

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... This place is stitched together by threads of the purest meritless nepotism.

Of course these goobs probably 'know somebody'.

The earliest lesson a young masshole of the period learned was "It ain't whatcha know.. it's whooya know.."

This is like gospel in nearly every grubby nepotistic backwater you'll find here.

It's how you get over here if you suck at anything useful.

I got wrist slaps for various minor weed infractions and other kid thuggery because the mediocre Cambridge attorney my dad retained 'knew all the judges and played golf with them."

God, talk about easy money, he'd just chat with the judge and breezily assure him that I was a good kid.... done.

Though we may make baby steps toward some more laudable merit based system, the roots of ''whooya know' are deep and intractable.

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I'm still pissed that they

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I'm still pissed that they never arrested or released the name of the person who threw a rock through the Iraqi restaurant in downtown Lowell even though the cops caught the guy.

I bet Sully's uncle is on the job. Or maybe some of these idiots were in the Marine Corps so they have a lifetime pass from the cops to act like violent assholes.

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