All that Zaz: Hyde Park's only fusion restaurant seeks beer and wine license

Zaz in Hyde Park

Zaz, 1238 River St., learns tomorrow whether the Boston Licensing Board has any spare beer-and-wine licenses and, if so, if it can get one.

The small restaurant, which opened in late 2012, serves an eclectic mix of Asian, Caribbean and Spanish foods.

Its application won support of the mayor's office and of city councilors Steve Murphy, Michelle Wu, Ayanna Pressley and Tim McCarthy, who had an aide tell the board that Zaz is "a hidden gem in Hyde Park."



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It's ZAZ

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Maybe you haven't called and ordered food here before?

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Precious as possible

The tubes to the rescue...

The restaurant site includes:

ZaZ was named after his two children and loves of his life, Zariah and Zalin.

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As a resident

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Of Hyde park I have to agree this place is a hidden gem. The food is delicious and its clear the owners take pride in the place. I hope they do well.

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Wow.. I wish them luck

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My wife and I love this place. It's really good and having a liquor license is a great idea..
I also heard that they might be putting a nice restaurant in where the Hyde currently is.. ?

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Great Food, Good Price

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delicious food at a good price point, seems to be doing well. Great job keeping the menu changing also to keep this fresh.

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