Alleged morons get South Boston bar hauled before licensing board

The story the man with the large, bloody gash across his forehead initially told police sounded pretty bad: In for a visit from Chicago, he was sitting inside the Boston Beer Garden on E. Broadway when a melee broke out and some unknown person threw a glass bottle right at his head.

A Boston Police detective told the Boston Licensing Board this morning, though, that while the man was, in fact, from Chicago, and he did have to be taken away in an ambulance, there was no fight on the evening of Nov. 24.

Instead, Det. Sgt. Kenneth O'Brien said, the man was pals with some locals and they were all fooling around with a beer bottle, a prank went horribly awry, the man got his forehead opened up and he and his pals made up the story about stranger danger. He added that one friend helped another friend - the actual bottle flinger, get away before police could question him.

"They all decided to say it was an unknown suspect," O'Brien said.

O'Brien said the Chicago man, now safely back home 900 miles away, is refusing to cooperate with his investigation.

The board decides Thursday what action, if any, to take.



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    By on

    the incidents in these bars that we don't hear about?

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    Why imagine?

    Go hang out for a while and report back on what you see.

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    That would be the majority of them

    Because any police intervention gets you a date with the bars don't usually get the police involved. Which is fine, since they're busy sleeping in their cars anyway.

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    Not in Southie

    By on

    I always take a look walking by all of them parked outside C6

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    According to the police

    By on

    there was no fight. So perhaps it's time to stop this wasteful (in both time and the TAXPAYER's money) nonsense of "police intervention automatically gets the bar in trouble with the Licensing Board.'

    For that matter, if this is the type of "necessary" nonsense the Licensing Board is investigating, perhaps it's time to consider abolishing the Licensing Board entirely.

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    Yeah, but if you do that

    Then a bunch of people who did somebody else a favor and/or who might be too stupid to find private employment wouldn't have jobs. That's how this community works, you know.

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