And turkey makes three

Central Square turkey

Central Square Florist reports its newest customer is a bit peckish.

Looks like the bird saved its wings by taking the 70 bus into the square.

Also see:
Street-crossing Financial District turkey.
Shame-walking BC turkey.



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    It's the Alewife Clan Launching a Spring Offensive.

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    I saw a point scout along Mt Auburn st across from Harvard on 3/25.

    A three pronged offensive is ominous.

    Oddly, there were no turkeys in Fowl Meadow today as I gathered content for the Neponset Greenway extension aspirations.

    Are the turkeys starting

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    Are the turkeys starting their take over plan? They are everywhere today.

    Not yet, but soon!

    You will know it when it happens. Expect the sun to be blocked out by our numbers and a glorious earth shattering gobble, followed by the innumerable thunderous claps of our mighty wings drowning out all cries of human despair.


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    So does this mean that the Brookline contingent are unfairly repressed and demonized?


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    That could be the turkey who was wandering around the sidewalk early Sunday evening at the Central Square Firehouse and CCTV.

    He was considering crossing the street. Folks dissuaded him.

    Probably he crossed when traffic got lighter.