Andelman brothers buy themselves a drive-in theater

Specifically, the Mendon Twin Drive-In:

They are interested in the preservation of the drive-in as well as expanding new horizons in keeping with a joyous outdoor family environment.

Via Marc Hurwitz.



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    Looking forward to a weekly marathon of the "Porky's" movies.

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    that was my brother. I was the Marx Brothers kid.

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    Or Ghost Busters esp. in October.

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    I see purple

    And our latest hidden gem, the Phantom Gourmet recommends the cardboard pizza from the Mendon drive-in snack shop.

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    Hard as it is for me to read good intentions into

    anything the Andelmans do -- they're the most egregious kind of opinion whores, willing to give a tug-job to any shit restaurant that waves twenty bucks at them, a terrible reflection on what legitimate restaurant critics do -- I'm reserving judgment on this one until I see what they intend to do with it.

    Drive-ins are one piece of Mid-Century Americana that modern technology has crushed that I'm actually sad to see gone. If's frankly amazing than Mendon held on as long as it did.

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    Drive Ins are best!

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    Last time I saw a movie at a Drive-In was Squirm. Man (and woman) eating worms. Four young Gay men watching worms bite people. You would think puberty never happened with screaming so high pitched and loud. Freed of the shackles of stoic manliness, pseudo propriety and ridiculous rectitude we had fun with a capital F.

    Regarding a Marx Brothers or Three Stooges festival I plead to loving both. Perhaps it is a puerile appreciation of comedy but I laugh aplenty whenever I watch them on television.

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    Drive-Ins are cool places, but they're only great when it's warm

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    I like the idea of an outdoor Drive-In movie theatre with a huge, huge wide screen. It would be great to see some of those venerable old classics come onto the Mendon Drive-In, such as Lawrence of Arabia, West Side Story, and many others. They'd be fantastic shown on a huge drive-in theatre screen, imho.

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    I love that drive-in, but I get concerned about it getting smothered in ooey-gooey misogyny under Andelmen care. What do they actually know about running this kind of business? Very skeptical. Like I said, I love that drive-in, but I don't want to further enrich those toolboxes unless they do something good with it.

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    These boys

    are multi talented. Now they can bring their fingernails across the blackboard act outside.

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    Thsi could be good

    Maybe the Andel-douches will stop using the City of Boston as accessories after the fact to their fleecing of people at those awful BBQ beach parties.

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