Anime kids don't like Chilean food

Empty Chacarero

The kidlet and I headed to the Pru today to check out the costumes on people attending Anime Boston. Naturally, we headed to the food court first, which was packed, except in front of Chacarero.

The costumes did not disappoint.


Sometimes, we had trouble figuring out what was going on:


Flash photography:


The convention had rules:


At the end of the day, exhausted anime kids needed their rest - or just died:


OK, OK, those kids weren't really sacking out in Copley Place, they were posing for a photo; kidlet, who expressed annoyance when I called them "anime" kids in a tweet when they're so obviously web comic kids, says there's a scene in their Web comic where they're all captured and killed or something.

Greg Cook has way, way more photos from the show.



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My son went for the day

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He went with a bunch of friends who blew off the sophomore semi-formal last night because "If I'm gonna dress up and spend a lot of money ...".

He was raving about Chacarero, BTW ... and didn't realize that I have one 1/2 block from work.


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"blew" off the sophomore go to anime. I'm guessing possible dates weren't knocking down his door then.

Two broken JPEGs

FYI, Photos #3 and #6 (Bow and Rules) are showing up unloadable by Chrome on a Mac.