An anniversary photo

The Globe assembled dozens of people who had something to do with the Marathon for a large photo.



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    Any particular reason the MIT

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    Any particular reason the MIT police car is illegally parked on the sidewalk?

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    When your parents are in

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    When your parents are in wheelchairs, you notice such things.

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    Unacceptable...they are

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    Unacceptable...they are forcing people in wheelchairs to go around another block. The terrorists have won.

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    Too Bad

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    They took all that time to arrange the photo shoot, but many of the police and fire personnel in the back are unidentified. Sort of a shame.

    Nice to see Ortiz in the shot (as well as Pedroia, Bergeron and Chara. I guess since the C's were out of town they couldn't get one of them.)


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