Another Storrow truck driver learns: The bridge always wins

Truck on Storrow Drive

HighHeatStats shows a storrowed truck near Mass General shortly before 8 a.m.



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Sick of idiots......

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It's time to make the fine for such stupidity so high it will bankrupt any trucking company that does it.


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ugh.. is it me or have we had a lot of these this summer so far? or is Adam and the news just doing a better job at report this?

This is going to make TRAFFIC a nightmare today along with everything else. Glad I am high tailing it out of work at 11.

I'd bet on better reporting

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It's always happened, but there are just more people out there with cameras who a) take a picture and b) alert me.

A Good Sign For The Economy!

Look at it this way. We know we are living in a better economic state when stuff like this happens. Owing to a tighter labor market, people who would otherwise be watching Divorce Court or playing Keno at the corner store at 8:30 on a Thursday morning have jobs driving trucks into bridges. Why watch VB when you can put together an honest living messing up everyone's commute?

The available talent for this type of labor is shrinking. Hence employers must raise wages or throw a net out into the middle of the street and pick through the netting passing the cig buts and used scratchies to see who they can get to deliver lobsters or ductwork in and around the area.

On the upside, at least the safety mirror on the back of the truck wasn't damaged.

More often that not...

I will go out of my way to pull alongside that truck and tell them to get the fuck off the Drive. Though more often than not, there is always the asshole in the European car who starts beeping incessantly at me as I slow the lane down to try and help the errant trucker. Sometimes I ask myself, why bother? Let this asshole sit behind this truck and wait for the Staties to back him off the Drive while you sit in your BMW fuming.

only half Storrowed

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I think we need to consider various degrees of Storrowing. A full Storrow takes the entire roof off.

warning signs

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Those signs and chains that drag across the roof of trucks are too high. They need to be eye level or perhaps more sturdy like a bar or i-beam across the road. Might as well storrow the truck at the entrance so they don't have to back up as far.

Beat me to it

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Beat me to it. Do these idiots not notice the truck roof swiped the warning chains? Or are the chains too high and sometimes actually clear the truck by a millimeter or something?

This also sounds like something where a bit more modern technology could be used. Set up a sensor at the clearance height that if a vehicle passes through it, a big flashing warning/stop sign goes off 50-100' down the road—or actually drops a turnpike/gate in front of them.