Anti-casino leader running against pro-casino state rep in East Boston


The Herald reports that Celeste Myers, who helped run the successful vote to keep a casino out of East Boston, is running against state Rep. Carlo Basile, who supported the casino - and whom Myers once helped get elected.



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Since when is intelligence

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Since when is intelligence and competency required to hold elected office in this state? You just need to be associated with the right political apparatus and show up to work just once to be sworn in.

Finally the voters of East

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Finally the voters of East Boston will be able to decide if Rep Basile's letter was very strongly worded or just strongly worded. Democracy in action!


Does'nt hurt to try to run

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Does'nt hurt to try to run for any office, but in a town that still has a large italo-american population, I would say that it will be extremely unlikely for her to win, her last name does'nt end in a vowel....the only way she can win, is if she has the endorsements from the Mayor of Boston, The East Boston state senator and the East Boston/ North End/Charlestown city councilman..If she helped basile win, maybe she can pull this one through.


Esat Boston is better than you write

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And also more diverse.

She's been active in the neighborhood, from what I can gather, and she might just be running keying in on the wedge issue near and dear to her heart, so as long as she gets the backing of the right people locally, she could have a shot.

Note- I am not from East Boston and am pro-casino. However, I know East Boston enough (my friend's Portuguese father wowed a room full of Central Americans at a community meeting not too long ago) to know it's more diverse than the proud Italian population there.

Does not matter if she's been

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Does not matter if she's been active in the neighborhood, I can name you 20 others who are also active in the neighborhood who actually pick up brooms and shovels and sweep up the neighborhood , yea, she can use her voice to stop a casino, great!! If you do not live in Eastie why even bother placing your opinion , I praise her for stopping the Casino, but really there are a significant of other problems in Eastie that need to be still adressed, muggings,dirty streets, over crowding in apartment buildings, rodents, landlords forgetting to take out trash, please...


What makes her so qualified

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What makes her so qualified for this position? That's would I like to know.
Is it because she got so much statewide exposure and national exposure on Casino issues!
Jim Browdy show on NECN
I'm somewhat satisfied with the politicians we have in place in East Boston and I hope they remain in office for years to come, the realization is that to make a community thrive it will take patience and years and community involvement to make it a safer and cleaner neighborhood, to have a different new candidate take over would be an absolute shame!!But I guess it's politics.


I think I missed my point

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What got me about your post is your assumption that as she is not of Italian descent (and I don't that's been proven or important) is is somehow disqualified for office. The reality is that she has been active in East Boston and, where I failed, basing her possible success on her last name not having a pronounced vowel is idiotic at best. The Central Americans are the future in Eastie, and with all the Irish, Portuguese, and even Vietnamese I know in the neighborhood, I would seem you may be writing this from Saugus rather than Boston.

As for my disqualification from opinion, first, that was me admitting I'm not from Eastie. You live in Saugus (for all I know) and am in opposition to her in the one issue she has. Sometimes, you gotta be objective.

Sorry, the Italians had the

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Sorry, the Italians had the upper hand in politics in Eastie for the last century!! And we still are going to be in the political world in Eastie...In the end the registered Italo-American voters will decide..


Says someone who lives in Saugus

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Or Revere, or maybe Lynnfield.

Once again, I have no dog in this fight. I couldn't care less if it is Basile, Meyers, or whoever. I could be wrong, but I would hope that Italian American voters would pick the best candidate rather than basing their vote on ethnicity. Heck, in Revere the wops have been electing Reinsteins for generations.

As for the current ethnic power in Eastie, you might want to stroll over to Maverick Square the next time you visit Santarpio. More of the older residents ave been following your trail northward, and their replacements ain't from Napoli.

The italians have not had the

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The italians have not had the upper hand in politics in Eastie for the last century. Irish and Canadians came first, followed by Russian Jews and Italians, then Southeast Asians, and, most recently, large influx from Central and South American countries

Latino's are being priced out

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Latino's are being priced out of places like Somerville, East Boston, South Boston , North Dorchester,and moving to affordable neighborhoods like Revere, Lynn, Winthrop, & Malden.