Anti-Koch billboard springs up across from WGBH

Part of the effort to try to convince WGBH to drop David Koch as a trustee over his stand on climate change.



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Instead of protesting the funding of WGBH, why not come up with an alternative to what would become a funding gap.

Uninformed calling others idiots.

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Apparently you are unaware that the funding gap was created by the Koch Brothers. This is coming full cycle. The Koch Brothers are the ones that paid the politicians to stop allow public funding. This was so they could control the message.

so, before you call others idiots, perhaps you should inform yourself.

Uninformed? Yes you are,

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They are receiving $445 MILLION this year. FOOL!

That's FLAT from last year!


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The $445M went to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Public Broadcasting stations, like WGBH, only receive about 15% of their budget from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's funds. Of the $445M, only about half of that is sent to the stations themselves.

By the way, that $445M is the equivalent to the budget given to the CPB since 1980 after adjusting for inflation (it's actually just a bit less).

Ok. But do you have facts

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Ok. But do you have facts which support or refute the claim that the Koch brothers got the government to cut or reduce WGBH's funding?

Good luck on that...

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When he stops writing the checks, WGBH will stop being nice to him. Don't know if anyone has noticed, but the "Educational" media outlet in town seems as cash-obsessed as any of the commercial stations. Take a quick peek at their weekend offerings--it's one long info-mercial.


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You are aware that news costs money, right?

Oh, yes.....

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I'm reminded of that every time I drive by the palatial, super-expensive WGBH campus. And their three-story tall Jumbo-tron. And the endless array of Sesame Street merchandising in local stores. And Celtic Women. And Rich Dad Poor Dad and Suze Orman wannabes... And the Koch connection. And lockouts of union employees.

We're a long way past Julia Child with one stationary camera, and one annual fundraising on air auction.

Good for the Koch Brothers

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The Koch Brothers have as much right to use their billions for political purpose as does George Soros and former NY Mayor Bloomberg.

Typical liberal approach. Ignore evidence, silence critics.

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"I describe the climate change movement as a combination of an extreme political ideology and a religious cult all rolled into one. It’s a very, very dangerous social phenomenon. It causes them to think they have the right to dictate what we do." -- Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace

Perhaps the anti-Koch protestors should instead seek the removal of the rest of the board while keeping Koch. Especially since global temperatures have remained steady for nearly two decades.

Amazing how succesful...

... the extractive industries, in whom you presumably have no real stake, and who would crush you like an ant if they thought you were standing in their way, are at getting you to carry their water politically, eh?

Tell me that in oh, about 30 years

when you won't be seeing 3 Whole Foods just in Cambridge anymore and your kids are drinking desalinated water. Oh, that's right, you and
Howie Carr will be dead by then.

Leave the science to the scientists

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Global SURFACE temperatures have remained steady. However the warming of our entire ecosphere has not. The energy that hasn't been stored in the atmosphere has been getting pushed into our deep oceans due to a change in the ocean cycles that drives cold water to the surface to be warmed and warm water down to warm the cold water to cause it to rise. When that cycle changes again, expect your anti-global-warming kool-aid to taste more tepid when you drink it.

Daily Mail is a Femail of scientific excellence

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Let's see. The Daily Mail has a section called Femail. But at least they know that beauty is news of vital importance to English females. But their science section is astounding. They have an article about a scientific study of a woman who has extra corporeal experiences. What will they report on next? Reveal that the round Earthers are liars and that there are two sides to the flat pancake that is planet Earth? Thank goodness for gravity; otherwise everyone on the side facing down would have fallen off a long time ago.

Public debate? Nah mostly a lecture.

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As they explained, "freedom of speech means shut up if we disagree with you". Only approved donors of preferred ideology need write checks you see.

Desperate measures

That's what the billboard is by groups losing political influence. Since the US has been lowering its CO2 emissions while China's are on the way to twice US amounts, Prius drivers and bicyclists can't act so sanctimonious. I looked at the websites, but didn't find any documentation of their Koch claims.

I'm still just finding claims

No IRS-990 pdf files etc. backing any claims. Looks like a witch hunt. Does anybody put up billboards against people who challenge medical science on various things, like vaccines containing mercury and possibly responsible for cases of autism?

It does?

More like "free speech for me but not for thee". In the marketplace of ideas, when someone wants to take away your right to speak, they're probably losing the argument. Next stage is personal ad hominems. This city has a proud history of living with crackpots. Just don't be offended when you start being treated like one.

Time to grow up?

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Are these nincompoops for real?

Are they living in the real world?

Time to grow up....